Face Spray 100ml

Terbuat dari ekstrak mawar dan daun sirih yang di gunakan untuk mensterilkan wajah sebelum penggunaan kosmetik agar tahan lama, mencegah iritasi kulit wajah dan menjaga kelembabannya, face tonik mengandung moisturizer berfungsi menyegarkan kulit serta mempertahankan PH kulit, kulit tetap lembut dan sehat.

Made from extracts of roses and betel leaves which are used to sterilize the face before using cosmetics so that it lasts longer, prevents facial skin irritation and maintains moisture, a face tonic containing a moisturizer functions to refresh the skin and maintain the skin’s PH, keeping the skin soft and healthy.

由玫瑰和槟榔叶提取物制成,用于在使用化妆品前对面部进行消毒,使其持续时间更长,防止面部皮肤受到刺激并保持水分,含有保湿剂的面部滋补品具有清爽皮肤和维持皮肤 PH 值的作用,保持皮肤健康。皮肤柔软健康。


Ketersediaan: Stok 100

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I've been using Bali Alus Lulur Spa Cream, and it's a game-changer! This product leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and refreshed. The gentle exfoliation and nourishing properties make my skin glow. I absolutely love it!
Bali Alus Body Whitening product has worked wonders for me. It has visibly lightened my skin tone and given me a more even complexion. Plus, it's gentle on the skin, making it a must-have for achieving that radiant look.
The Bali Alus Foot Scrub is a savior for tired and rough feet. It effectively exfoliates, leaving my feet soft and rejuvenated. The pleasant scent and the soothing sensation during and after use make it a delightful addition to my self-care routine.


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Face Spray 100ml 2Face Spray 100ml

Ketersediaan: Stok 100

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