Virgin Coconut Oil Spray 100 mL

Virgin Coconut Oil diproses tanpa pemanasan dan fermentasi hingga menghasilkan Virgin Coconut Oil murni dan alami.
Manfaat: menjaga kesehatan rambut dan menjaga kesehatan kulit, menjadikan lebih lembut dan lentur, menyamarkan garis halus dan melembabkan. Secara alami kaya akan asam lemak dan antioksidan, VCO melembabkan, melembutkan, memulihkan, melindungi dan memelihara kesehatan kulit dan rambut. Juga bermanfaat sebagai suplemen makanan.

Bali Alus cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is produced without heating or fermentation maintaining the purest and most natural product for skin, hair and ingestion as a dietary supplement.
Benefit: Naturally rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, VCO moisturizes, softens, restores, protects and maintains for healthly skin and hair. Also, beneficial as a dietary supplement.
How to use: For Hair; Apply in hair, let stand for a few minutes then rinse. For Body skin; Apply to the skin after bathing. For consume; can be mixed with salad. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Close the lid tightly after using as VCO will freeze at temperatures below 24 and stagnate at temperatures above 26. However, quality and scent are still guaranteed.

Bali Alus 冷榨初榨椰子油 (VCO) 是在不加热或发酵的情况下生产的,保持最纯净和最天然的产品,用于皮肤、头发和作为膳食补充剂的摄入。
功效:天然富含脂肪酸和抗氧化剂,VCO 可滋润、软化、恢复、保护和维持健康的皮肤和头发。 此外,作为膳食补充剂有益。
使用方法:用于头发; 涂抹在头发上,静置几分钟,然后冲洗干净。 对于身体皮肤; 沐浴后涂抹于皮肤。 为了消费; 可以和沙拉混合。 存放在阴凉干燥处,避免阳光直射。 VCO在24度以下会凝固,26度以上会凝固,使用后请盖紧盖子。不过品质和香味还是有保证的。


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I've been using Bali Alus Lulur Spa Cream, and it's a game-changer! This product leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and refreshed. The gentle exfoliation and nourishing properties make my skin glow. I absolutely love it!
Bali Alus Body Whitening product has worked wonders for me. It has visibly lightened my skin tone and given me a more even complexion. Plus, it's gentle on the skin, making it a must-have for achieving that radiant look.
The Bali Alus Foot Scrub is a savior for tired and rough feet. It effectively exfoliates, leaving my feet soft and rejuvenated. The pleasant scent and the soothing sensation during and after use make it a delightful addition to my self-care routine.


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Bali Alus VCO Spray 100mlVirgin Coconut Oil Spray 100 mL
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